Who We Are

Continuity Global Solutions was born nearly 20 years ago as an idea. A small team looking to make a difference in the world came together, pooling their insights and experience to create a force that would serve government and industry clients in some of the most challenging environments around the world. Their philosophy of service and commitment to our mission has blossomed into a company of over 3,500 professionals in 15 countries. The original team has changed, but the drive to make positive change in the world remains the same.

John P. DeBlasio is Chairman of Continuity Global Solutions, Chairman of DT Global and DT Institute, the Founder and Executive Director of the Global Peace and Development (GPD) Charitable Trust, and the Managing Director of Bootstrap Capital.

John served 21 years in the military and was a recipient of the Bronze Star as well as the Joint Service Commendation Medal before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves Civil Affairs branch in 2011. After returning from active duty in 2004, John co-founded Sallyport Global Services and built what would become the largest provider of security and facilities management services to USAID prime contractors operating in Iraq, as well as a primary contractor for the DoD, DoS, NASA, The World Bank and Foreign Ministries, and the UN. In 2011, John successfully sold Sallyport and took the “Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge” subsequently dedicating more than half (~85%) of his net worth to charitable causes.

John went on to establish Bootstrap Capital in 2012, a private equity firm that provides partnership opportunities for small/medium sized growth and family businesses. In 2019, and after the successful merger of Development Transformations and the international development arm of AECOM, John became the Chairman of the DT Global “family” which consists of DT Global, its academic arm DT Institute, and GPD Charitable Trust. Grounded in decades of technical expertise and leadership around the world, the DT Global family incorporates rigorous learning and assessment in program design and process to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of thought leadership, civic engagement, and international development.

Steve Hartsuff leads Continuity Global Solutions as its Chief Executive Officer, where he is responsible for the oversight of the company’s global operations as well as coordinating and developing all aspects of the company’s performance. Steve draws on his extensive history of successful business experience to oversee the strategic, operational, financial, and marketing aspects of the company, in addition to focusing on maximizing client satisfaction. An international business operations expert with experience spanning more than 30 years, Steve has consistently increased the growth and revenue of the organizations he’s led.

Steve began his working career in the construction industry, directing sales and marketing efforts for steel construction companies in the Southeast and Midwest US. In the late ‘90s, he joined a mid-size general contracting company in Mississippi, focusing on Department of Defense (DoD) construction projects throughout the U.S. During this time, Steve identified a pressing, unmet need of county and municipal governments for support during the

construction process. In response, Steve created and led an extremely successful public-works construction management business unit, the first of its kind in its market space.

Steve has an extensive history of successfully delivering creative solutions to support clients operating in remote locations and conflict zones around the world. His service offerings and clients are diverse; Steve’s teams have provided security services in Pakistan (DoS), food services in Qatar (USAF), engineering and advisory services in Afghanistan (USACE), built training camps (DoS) and radio stations (USAID) in South Sudan, and performed environmental remediation in Iraq (USAF).

Steve places a heavy emphasis on the importance of developing and maintaining long-term professional relationships with both clients and employees, ensuring he mentors and motivates his teams to see that every project is successful.

Winfried “Win” Scheel is Chief Operating Officer of Continuity Global Solutions, where he is responsible for Growth Strategies. Win has an entrepreneurial background of leadership, business development, operations, proposal writing, and procurement. His global experience centers around large security projects requiring complex logistical solutions, housing and life support primarily, in conflict, post-conflict, geographically remote, and resource constrained environments.

In 2017, Win was hired by the private equity firm Bootstrap Capital as CEO of Pax Mondial. Win expanded the capabilities and scope of Pax by winning a prime contract with USAID as the Partner Liaison Security Operation in Haiti. He was responsible for the transformation that brought Pax Mondial profitable and merged into Continuity.

Win consulted for numerous companies, including Algeco-Scotsman during the 2015 Syria Refugee Crisis that saw over a million refugees enter Europe, to providing modular housing and schools from Sweden to southern Turkey. Win also won numerous projects with his own company, Global Deployed Services.

Win won his first major US Government contract with Sallyport Global Services and Target Logistics in 2005, supporting Iraqi Police and Border Guards in Basra, Iraq. The contract provided housing, life support, security, logistics and much more. Win continued to work with both Companies through 2012 supporting: Hurricane Katrina with turnkey life support services on a leased cruise ship.

Win retired from the US Army after 21 years of service as a Logistician with three combat tours. During his Army career, Win earned his master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and was awarded the Bronze Star and numerous other awards and unit citations.

Tauqeer Khalid (TK) is the Chief Financial Officer of Continuity Global Solutions, where he draws on nearly 20 years of international experience to ensure the success of all aspects of the company’s financial functions including accounting, treasury, audit, and investor relations, as well as the company’s overall financial direction and strategy.

Originally from Pakistan, Tauqeer began his career in the financial sector after getting an MBA in Finance from the University of Punjab. He spent several years developing his financial skills in accounting positions at multiple firms across Pakistan before transitioning into more senior roles, where he became responsible for both the financial oversight and day-to-day financial management of companies in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

After being recognized for successfully leading the financial direction of multiple international companies, Tauqeer was hired as the Director of Finance and Administration for Sallyport Global Services in Iraq in 2005. He spent over a decade directing the financial operation, administration, and HR activities of OCONUS international projects funded by DoD, DoS, and OPEC commercial clients with yearly turnover of $400 million, while operating in remote locations and conflict zones around the world. Prior to assuming the role of CFO with Continuity, Tauqeer was enlisted to help restructure the operations and financial management for Pax Mondial as COO/ CFO.

David Banks serves as Vice President of Business Development at Continuity, advancing our pursuit strategy and leading efforts to expand and grow our business. David learned federal contracting from the ground up, supporting Department of State and Department of Defense customers on mission critical projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world. This experience helps him understand how to build the differentiated cost competitive customer solutions that is helping to catapult Continuity to market dominance.

David came to Continuity from KBR, where he served as a Business Development Manager. There he contributed across the full BD lifecycle, identifying strategic market areas and specific opportunities, gathering customer and competitor intelligence and creating and executing capture, proposal and pricing strategies in pursuit of approximately $4 billion in projects with the Department of State, Department of Defense and USAID.

As a Program Director at Michael Baker International, David was responsible for successful operation of a large portfolio of classified contracts with the Department of State and Department of Defense, to include overall P&L responsibility as well as business development strategy and execution. His endeavors helped to facilitate an award by the Department of State, of a Construction Security Monitoring IDIQ valued at over $160M, among many others.

Alfred Leggett is the Vice President of Support Services for Continuity Global Solutions, where he is responsible for the leadership, professional development, oversight, and management of multiple services Continuity provides to clients around the globe. Alfred is the primary point of contact for Local Guard Force (LGF) Contracting Officers and Program Managers and is responsible for the oversight of Continuity’s National Industrial Security Program (NISP) as the Facility Security Officer (FSO). Alfred is a former U.S. Marine with over 24 years of security and Law Enforcement experience in both military and commercial services and has been with Continuity since 2008.

Alfred joined Continuity in 2008 as a Site Manager, where he developed an extensive track record of successfully ensuring stable and secure environments throughout several Forward Operating Bases (FOB). His dedication to the mission, “Can Do” attitude earned him a promotion to Country Manager in 2011. Initially working at Victory Base Camp, Alfred successfully managed the daily function and welfare of Continuity, providing security services to over 800 personnel for both U.S. and Coalition Forces within Iraq, as well as effectively overseeing the security for Continuity “In country headquarters” and “Life Support Compound”.

After demonstrating exceptional work ethic in numerous roles such as Program Development, Contract Management, Business Development, Proposal Writing, Quality Assurance and a multitude of other duties while performing in his role, Alfred was promoted to Senior Regional Program Manager of Continuity in 2012, where he drew on his extensive military and professional background to manage the daily function, welfare, and staffing of all Continuity programs totaling over $100 million in revenue across three continents and consisting of U.S. Armed Guard programs (DoD), Local Guard Programs (DoS), Language Translation and Interpretation and Locally Employed Personnel (LEP) Screeners Program (USAF).

Alfred is committed to fostering a cohesive and productive work environment with the highest ethical standards, promoting a ‘team player’ attitude and unimpeachable personal and professional integrity.



David Calhoun serves as Vice President of Support Services for Continuity Global Solutions, putting to work over 29 years of national and international experience in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, specializing in Operations Leadership, Program Management, Law Enforcement, Antiterrorism, Intel, Organizational Development and Physical Security.

David began his career in law enforcement, serving 10 years as a Deputy Sheriff in Houston, Texas. He then transitioned into law enforcement leadership roles, advising on security matters and business development for a variety of private companies and government agencies. Later, David put this experience to work developing anti-terrorism teams and helping to build police units for the United Nations Police Missions in Bosnia and Liberia, and the largest private security training academy in the National Capital Region.

In addition to law enforcement knowledge, David brings to bear extensive experience in government contract capture and program management, from start-up to full operational capacity, and managing task orders in over 15 countries. As a Program Manager, he built a proven track record of resolving problems and finding solutions to complex issues. He holds a current PMI PMP Certificate and earned a master’s and Black Belt certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University and SE640 CAG/CST Certification by Department of State Diplomatic Security Services. In his time serving at the U.N., he earned 9 Medals of Merit.

In addition to his work at Continuity, David sits on the Board of Directors of HF Healthcare (Humanity First Healthcare), HF Healthcare is a charity organization building healthcare facilities around the world in places like Guatemala and Ivory Coast.

John Villano serves as Vice President of Operations at Continuity, a critical role for ensuring our work around the globe exceeds expectations. His hands-on experience in managing government operations globally, in war zones and under-developed countries, has allowed him to become highly skilled in driving planning and execution strategies for long-term, sustainable success by way of a unique understanding of the challenges our teams may encounter.

Before earning a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, John spent 10 years in construction, learning operations from the ground up. He went on to become a decorated Air Force veteran, planning, programming, and managing construction of USAF medical facilities around the world. John then moved to the private sector where he built a reputation for being straight-forward and decisive with the wherewithal to recognize opportunities for improvement characteristics that now encourage open communication and a strong mission focus at Continuity.

For the last decade, John has managed multiple portfolios in excess of $150M for several government contracting firms, including DynCorp International, Michael Baker International, and URS Group Inc. In each role, he worked closely with business development, operational teams, customers, and partners to assemble diverse project teams, standardize programs, and attain project compliance and efficiency.

Eliminating deficiencies and building strong consensus in favor of program and organization goals, John’s focus on people and processes are an ideal fit for the Continuity Operations Team.

Aaron Benson is the Director of Human Resources for Continuity Global Solutions, where he is responsible for ensuring the importance of human resources and human rights, as well as protecting employees and consultants from illegal and abusive labor practices.

With over 15 years of human resources and over 12 years of health benefit and retirement management experience, Aaron is seen by his colleagues both locally and internationally as a calming force in the organization, highly skilled in mediation and consensus-building, and as a leader of managing the politics of a high-paced office environment full of accomplished team members from diverse backgrounds.

After earning his BFA in Art and Technology from the Ohio State University, Aaron spent six years as an Operations Manager of AMC Theatres where he was given multiple marketing awards for his remarkable performance.

Aaron transitioned into a full-time HR role when he returned to the DC-Metro area after college to work for TCS Translations. He then came to Continuity, where he has been for over a decade. Aaron began with Continuity as a Human Resources Generalist, and after demonstrating consistently reliable and extraordinary work, he rose through the HR Department to be promoted to the Director of Human Resources position.

In explaining his success, Aaron states “that maintaining my calm in scenarios that would cause others anxiety or distress has always allowed me to remain goal-oriented. Being this type of person allows employees to feel free to come to me for an honest and non-judgmental assessment in both employment-based and personal concerns that could impact the employee’s job performance. They know I can listen to a problem, evaluate the corners of the concern from end to end, and offer meaningful advice, information, and resources to solve their challenge.”

Simone McCabe is the Director of Proposal Development for Continuity Global Solutions, where she oversees the bid development process, from the initial vetting of opportunities and partners to analyzing RFP requirements and developing proposals. Simone draws on decades of experience overseeing Continuity’s team of proposal writers, pricers, and graphic designers; she ensures that proposals are compliant, compelling, and speak to the client’s specific objectives and requirements.

After earning her master’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Simone initially elected to pursue a career in the energy sector. Here, she spent a decade working as an analyst, consultant, and project manager for companies that promoted international trade and energy development. In these roles, Simone participated in developing project financing recommendations for one of the largest natural gas investment projects in the world. As a project manager, Simone managed the entire project lifecycle, which encompassed writing and managing proposals for client review and working directly with clients to ensure proposal and project specifications met client objectives. In addition to her project management responsibilities, she was also active in many other aspects of the business, from marketing and PR to operations and internal employee relations.

After leaving the energy sector, Simone transitioned into government proposal writing and management, leveraging many of the skills developed in her previous position, including the ability to perform fine-tuned analyses of solicitation requirements, writing clear and persuasive proposals, and promoting client and partner relations. She has brought to Continuity a focus on identifying and promoting operational efficiencies, including incorporating best practices and an analytical foundation in the proposal development process.